Garden of Mind and Soul

Japanese Pavilion

One of our potential garden projects in the future is to develop the Garden of Mind and Soul, which is a Japanese-style garden created from plants from the north. The gardens may encompass 2 acres and contain a large pavilion, a teahouse, and a gift shop within the numerous gardens, relaxing ponds, and waterfalls.

The pavilion could house up to 400 quests for weddings, receptions, conferences, art exhibits and horticultural displays. During the events, guests would be able to view the gardens through 1000 square feet of glass windows. Regardless of the activity occurring, these gardens would always be a serene view from within.

This could be a destination garden for the entire region to enjoy for those seeking a relaxing, quiet and meditative environment. Whether you visit on your own or with a group, there will be an experience awaiting each and every individual.

This is just one of our dreams in the large picture of our future. Please consider making a donation today.


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