There are so many people who offer their time and financial support to allow the botanic gardens to grow. Recognizing these individuals is very important to the Society to let them know that they are a very integral part of the gardens themselves and are highly valued in so many ways by the organization.


2012 Member of the Year Award - Vern Hunter


Vern Hunter found the current site for the Northern Plains Botanic Garden and oversaw the design of the Master Plan. He assisted with designing and building the greenhouse on site and led the direction for the future Japanese Garden. The first symbol of the gardens were the development and construction of the Japanese Garden Gate. Along with these accomplishments, he also guided the NPBGS through the development of our Capital Campaign literature, including the Case Statement and the Memorial Policy. He has been an intergral part in much of the development work for the botanic gardens and has volunteered numerous hours with creative energy and a good sense of humor to make it enjoyable for all involved. Vern also served on the Board of Directors with distinction and integrity and will always be our good friend. On behalf of the Northern Plains Botanic Garden Society, we thank you Vern Hunter for your dedicated service!


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